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Agility is a fast-paced, fun sport that you and your dog can participate in together. It is truly a bonding experience for you and your dog, as you are working as a team.  Our classes will introduce you to a variety of special skills used on the courses, including body positioning and motion. We offer training on all of the obstacles used by AKC and CPE in agility competition.

DOGS:  Completion of a basic obedience class is required.  The dog must have a good recall and basic obedience skills (sit, stay, down, etc).  For the safety of the dogs, any dog not actively participating in the training exercise must be crated. Good crate manners are essential. Dogs should be at least 1 year of age.  Socialized dogs are a must, any dog considered aggressive towards either instructors or other dogs will be excused.

HANDLERS:  Must have an open mind and be willing to work with your dog. There are several different training tools used in agility and different instructors may train different methods.   It is the Handler's choice to decide what works best for their team after learning and practicing different skills.  Agility training involves a lot of repetition, and working / training your dog outside of class will be important to progress through the classes.


This class is designed for the dog/handler teams who have not yet started their agility career or feel retraining foundation for Novice level dogs would benefit their long term careers. Handlers will work on building relationship skills with their dog, becoming familiar with agility concepts such as drive, control and body positioning. The teams will be introduced to weave poles, contact equipment including Teeter Totter, A-frame and Dog Walk. Limited sequencing may be offered depending on the dog's individual progress.  

This class is a continuation of Fundamentals of Agility and is designed for the dog/handler who have beginning agility training skills such as executing jumps, tunnels and short sequencing.  The teams will be familiar with weave poles, contact equipment including Teeter Totter, A-frame and Dog Walk and can perform those obstacles with minimal assistance. This class will also introduce the agility teams to more advanced handling and sequencing. 


This series is for the Handler and dog who have a working knowledge and level of competency at most or all of the obstacles. Assistance and/or "spotting" on the obstacles is not required.  This class will have more handling and team building strategies. The primary purpose of the class is to allow teams to practice handling skills on actual short courses, learn the different types of games and courses in CPE and AKC agility and prepare the team to move to advanced agility.

Additional Prerequisite:  Previous agility training at novice level OR demonstration of control (recall, etc.) AND knowledge of obstacles to Instructor at the first class.


This class is a continuation of Advanced Novice Agility and is designed for the handler who wants to improve handling skills by training on advanced courses. The dog must be familiar with and capable of performing all obstacles including 12 weave poles, teeter, A-frame, and dog walk. 

Additional Prerequisite:  Agility title or demonstration of skills to Instructor. Contact Instructor to arrange meeting.


2 sets of the DHLPP vaccine ("puppy vaccine") prior to starting class.  Rabies vaccination is required at 6 months.  A titer is sufficient for vaccination status. We highly recommend the Bordetella vaccine. Your dog should be physically sound and lean (weight-wise) as this sport is very physically demanding and could put stress on joints and tissue.


1. Small, soft food treats as rewards.  
2. All vaccination records (Proof of 2 sets of the DHLPP vaccine) Without these, you will not be allowed in class.
3. Collar - please no prong, choke, or shock collars.
4. Leash - 4 to 6 foot nylon or leather. Please NO retractable (Flexi) leashes.
5. Completed registration form along with the class fee - we accept CASH or CHECKS only
6. On the first night of class, please plan to arrive 10 minutes early for registration.
7. It helps to have pants with pockets or bring something that attaches to your waist to hold your dog’s treats. 
8. YOU MUST have closed-toe comfortable shoes.
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