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What are the requirements for membership and benefits of becoming a member?
What are the Training Club's Rules?
While the club Policies and Procedures have additional details, here is some basic information for coming to a class.

Training Club Rules
How do I rent the facility?
Members may rent the building hourly using earned hours or at a cost of $5.00 per hour.  If more than 1 member is present, only 1 member needs to pay using earned hours or money.  
If using money, please place the exact amount into an envelope with your name, date and that it was for rental and place into the treasurer's envelope in the office.
You must sign up for your rental hours using the online calendar. This is used by the TRACKER volunteer to end Member Used Hours.
Instructions for how to sign up for rental hours on the calendar can be found here:  Instructions for Scheduling Facility on the Calendar.
What should I do if I see damaged club property or damaged training equipment at the training center?

When damaged property is discovered please notify the Acting Facility Director immediately. Please do not remove or dispose of club property without contacting the Facility Director.


If there's a problem with training equipment, please notify Ray Bahr, in addition to the Facility Director.


If the item presents a danger and must be disposed of immediately (i.e., a broken chair), please take a photo to document the damaged item and forwarded the photo to the Facility Director (and to the Training Director if it's training equipment).


Our Facility Director needs to manage our inventory and note when and why property was disposed of.  The Training Director needs to inform the Board if training equipment must be replaced.

Please do not  dispose of club property or equipment without contacting the appropriate Director.


Thank you!

Where are the Club's Policies and Procedures
The club's latest Policies and Procedures:   Policies And Procedures
The club's latest Bylaws: Bylaws
What are my earned hours earned/used?