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The Brevard County Dog Training Club (BCDTC) is a Not for Profit Florida corporation, section 501(c)(4), and is also a licensed affiliate of the American Kennel Club (AKC) offering classes for both purebred and mixed breeds of all ages.


Since 1973 BCDTC has promoted and fostered responsible dog ownership in Brevard County.  As dogs continue to become more important members of our family we encourage you to help your dog become the best he/she can be. A well trained dog will be welcome anywhere in your community and be a great addition to your family.

Our mission is to advance the interest of and enrich the lives of dogs and their owners by:
  • Fostering responsible dog ownership through training for all dog owners, providing a safe, knowledge environment for the training of all dogs
  • Promoting dog sports via club sponsored fun matches, fun runs and sanctioned trials, tests and matches
  • Encouraging owners of all dogs: rescues, mixed breeds, and purebred dogs alike to become welcome members of the community through good behavior


To Become a Member: Applicants for Membership in BCDTC must have accomplished one of the following:
1. Completed a seven-week BCDTC class, puppy kindergarten does not qualify for this requirement.
2. Titled dog(s) through organizations such as AKC, UKC, etc. 

Then you must attend one of our general membership meetings (meeting notice is posted to our home page and occur about every two months).   At the meeting you will need to fill out or bring a filled out a Membership Application.

Membership Fees:

Single Membership:       $100.00*.


Family Membership:      $150.00*.          First two family members.

                                        $  25.00            Each additional family member.


Qualifying family members include any immediate family member living in Brevard County. (Blood relative, or by adoption, marriage, or living in same household).


Junior Membership:       $35.00 (must be 9 - 17 years old)


*Inactive members, those who do not use the facility either for organized training classes or for rentals, may apply up to 13 earned hours (up to $75) towards their membership fees.


Benefits of being a Member:

Can attend classes at half price and able to use up to 3 earned hours per class.

Participate in our annual obedience trial and other club activities

Eligibility to participate in DOCOF

Eligibility to attend seminars

Attend quarterly meetings

Access to rent building for practice

Access to all sorts of dog obedience, training and breed information through our diversified member base of dog owners

Volunteering Opportunities, Including Instructors and Assistants:

BCDTC offers several ways for members to get discounts on class fees and facility rentals. Club members can rent the facility for private training or practice when there are no scheduled classes or events. The cost can be paid entirely with volunteer hours. For classes, there is a discounted member rate already, but members can save an additional $15 through the use of earned volunteer hours. Our volunteer instructors are each entitled to take a training class at no cost per each class session taught. Their assistants are entitled to a class at half the cost for every full session assisted. Rules and conditions apply. If you have any questions or are interested in helping with a class, contact the Training Director, Heather, by email at  

Other ways to volunteer are:
- Helping at Rally and Obedience Trials
- Assisting at events
- Volunteering at the club facility
- And more!

The management of BCDTC consists of club officers and a board of directors.  The club is run in accordance with its constitution and by-laws.  Club officers and board of directors are elected annually in open elections by the general membership.  The club officers and board of directors are responsible for the dispersion of club funds, and the establishment of policies.  All club officers and board of directors provide their services on a pro-bono basis.  The current club Officers and Board of Directors are as follows:
Please see our Contact Us page for the list of board members:  Contact Us
To email the entire board at once:  Email the Board