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Introduction to Scent Work



The Intermediate Scent Class is a follow on training from the seven week Introduction to Scent Work class. Intermediate Scent Class will provide canines and owners with challenges too advance in searching for various articles, including additional items of scents. Advancing search techniques  of dogs in tracking, locating, and alerting.
Class will build on the skills learned in the Introduction to Scent Work class to continue and increase olfactory capabilities to locate numerous items.

The Intermediate Scent Class will introduce new scenarios for our canine teams in outdoor/indoor environments to challenge and refine both the dog and handler's abilities to locate numerous articles hidden & buried.

Class will be limited to 6 participates. Bring lots of treats, a favorite toy, and a worn sock. Dogs not working are required to be crated.  

2 sets of the DHLPP vaccine ("puppy vaccine") prior to starting class.  Rabies vaccination is required at 6 months.  A titer is sufficient for vaccination status.

Dogs must have completed Introduction to Scent Work or have previous scent work training and the instructor's approval prior to the start of class. 

Dogs must be attentive to their handler, have an excellent recall, work well around others and tolerate being crated for certain portions of the class. (Handlers should expect to crate their dogs when not working in the ring). 

  • A nonrestrictive collar or harness (prong collars, head collars, or e-collars will not be permitted).
  • A 6 foot leash (no retractable leashes).  
  • Dogs may not wear their tags while in the search ring.  
  • All attachments to leashes (poop bags, flashlights etc.) must be removed before class.
  • Bring high value treats with a strong odor, in an airtight container (jar, tin, etc.).
  • Clickers are encouraged but not necessary.
  • Your instructor will forward additional information before the night of the first class.

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